Bug Bounty – The main weapon of self-made hackers

Bug Bounty – The main weapon of self-made hackers

You have probably heard about bug bounty in some tech article but you have no idea what is it about.

Well, the concept is actually really simple, however actually finding people who either make some good side money of this or completely live of this is really hard. Here we will explain why.

First of all, what is bug bounty?

Bug bounty is a procedure that cyber-security experts or often called “ethical hackers” use to find vulnerabilities in a website in agreement with the owner in exchange of money or renown. Professional bug bounties usually involve a legal agreement, a professional and human readable report (so that the website owner can understand it without technical knowledge) and information about how to fix those holes in the system. Not every bug bounty targets a website but in the huge majority of situations this is the case. It’s kind of crowdsourced security.

How can they do that?

Getting to know and understand how the website works opens for these hackers new possibilities and chances to abuse some sort of error in the code or the software used that allows them to get privileged access unlocking contents they are not supposed to achieve such as getting access to databases allowing them to view what is supposed to be private information from other registered users or modify prices of offers in the website as if it was for their own benefit. For them to be able to do such things, they need to have proper knowledge on what are the technologies being used in the website, what programming languages have been used to build it and what type of servers are the website they are targeting based on.

Are they the good guys?

Yeah, they are basically people using the same methods as malicious hackers would use but they use them for good. They do everything in legal terms and in a way so that they can help people get their businesses more protected. True heroes!

Where can I meet some of these cool people?

I don’t know about physically meeting any of them but if you are looking for a professional company with people that are dedicated to this bug bounty stuff and are qualified and well-trained personal I will recommend you the Yes We Hack Company. It has been around for some time now, and it has some of the best hackers which will give you detailed reports with helpful in-depth information to help your website stay safe and protected. In their website you will find proof of multiple successful cases they proudly show!

For what type of websites is this?

Paying for this type of services is not cheap at all, no matter who you work with, because their job is one that requires amazing skills and knowledge. So I will completely recommend hiring a bug bounty hunter if your website is worth a reasonable amount of money and its really important for you that it stays protected. For example, the website of a big brand it should definitely have some of these bug bounty hunters checking for vulnerabilities every once in a while. But if you are simply a blogger that likes to write about travels and cats its cool and completely respectable too, but this is surely not for you.

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