10 things to know about Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat at war with Donald Trump

The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives tore a copy of Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech. A highly symbolic act which clearly expresses its opposition to the American president.

If she is not the first opponent of Donald Trump, she is in the procession. Nancy Pelosi, Democratic President of the House of Representatives, proved it once again during the US President’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, February 4. How? ‘Or’ What ? By conspicuously tearing up the speech in the gallery, just behind Donald Trump. A highly symbolic act when the trial to remove the tenant from the White House should lead to his acquittal this Wednesday in the Senate. On this occasion, here is a 10-point portrait of Nancy Pelosi – a first version of which was published in January 2019 when she returned to the third most important level in American politics.


1 – Daughter of…

Franklin D. Roosevelt affectionately nicknamed his father, Thomas D’Alesandro, “Tommy”. And one of his brothers, born the day “FDR” became president in 1933, was named Franklin D. Roosevelt D’Alesandro. This shows that the Democratic Party is running in the veins of this Catholic family from Baltimore (Maryland), whose father and one of the sons were mayors. From the age of 13, Nancy immersed herself in electoral campaigns. He is a virtuoso of old-style politics.


2 – « Madam speaker »

At 79, she blew up an impressive number of “glass ceilings” , including the most prestigious: first female speaker (president) of the House of Representatives, from 2007 to 2011, then since January 3, 2019. Very skillful, Demanding unfailing loyalty and knowing the inner workings of the Capitol like no one, it prevented the Democratic Left from (too much) dividing. His biggest success: Obamacare, the reform of health insurance.


3 – Feminist

Mocked in 1987 (her first election to the House), she saw the number of congresswomen drop from two dozen to 102 out of 435. “The only time I was invited to the office of the Democratic speaker was when I myself became a speaker, ”she recalls. “There is no shortage of misogynists. But there is a good side: the women who support you. ” His priorities for 2019-2020: wage gaps and the fight against sexual harassment.


4 – Housewife

Her first full-time career was being a mother of five (she has eight grandchildren). Before embarking on the race for Congress, she asked the youngest, in final, “If you prefer, I can stay with you for another year. ” Answer: ” Mom, leave me sneakers. ” Once her mother is elected, the daughter gives up a ladle: ” Mom, what teenager would not dream of seeing his parents away from home three evenings a week? “


5- Shy

His prodigious memory hardly helps him: Pelosi has never been comfortable with television, even after having used a speech coach at the start of his career and studying the videos of his interviews. It has a “cubist style , full of unexpected angles” , says the New York Times nicely. But she corrects this handicap with a keen sense of the use of colors. Facing Trump, she wears a red dress with the signal “do not go looking for me” which does not deceive.


6 – Vineyard

His secret garden? A vineyard, with Palladian style villa and Z-shaped swimming pool, 100 kilometers north of San Francisco, on the banks of the Napa River. Nancy Pelosi is not poor: with her husband, she is the head of an estate estimated between 16 and 30 million dollars. This has often earned her the accusation of being part of the left caviar, especially since she represents San Francisco, the heart of Silicon Valley power.


7 – Trump

A “very dangerous man” who “is trying to destroy the collective conscience of our country” . She compared her obsession with the wall on the border with Mexico to “a manhood trick” . Trump seems fascinated by this woman of his generation that he avoided attacking head-on. He even gives her “a lot of credit for what she has accomplished” . Rest assured, this will not last.


8 – Punching-ball

Not without a solid dose of sexism, the right has made Nancy Pelosi a sort of bogeyman on the left. During the mid-term election campaign in November 2018, more than 135,600 spots pinned it! This increased his unpopularity, without moving the person concerned too much: “They would not attack me if I were not effective. ” In the eyes of Democrats troops, this hatred is quite an asset.


9 – Enemy sisters

We quickly opposed them: the tutelary elder and the youngest who ran in the stretchers. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, youngest elected congresswoman (30) and prodigy of American politics, began her mandate by head-on opposing Pelosi’s leadership… before voting for her as a speaker. We suspect the dean to look with a certain tenderness on the young filibuster, who perfectly embodies her favorite motto: “People don’t give you power.” You have to take it from them. “


10 – « Impeachment »

Indulgence has its limits: Pelosi monitors the left of the party like milk on fire. She gave a pledge to the young Turks, promising to hand over in 2022 (she will be 82 years old, a record for a speaker ). But their premature appeals for Trump’s impeachment , especially at the time of the Mueller report on Russian interference in the 2016 elections, had brought him out of his hinges. This one should “clearly be bipartisan” and “we should not dismiss for political reasons” , she said at the time… But the speaker finally changed her mind with the “Ukrainian affair” and started, in September 2019, the impeachment procedureagainst Donald Trump. The verdict is expected this Wednesday, February 5. But the suspense is almost zero: the United States Constitution requires a two-thirds majority (67 seats out of 100) to find him guilty and the billionaire knows he can count on the unfailing support of at least 52 of the 53 Republican senators …

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