Rising star of Democratic primaries, Pete Buttigieg throws in the sponge

Rising star of Democratic primaries, Pete Buttigieg throws in the sponge

The abandonment of the youngest candidate in the nomination contest, on the eve of the decisive meeting of “Super Tuesday” could strengthen the chances of Joe Biden, winner on Saturday in South Carolina, against Bernie Sanders.

Thunderbolt among American Democrats. The young moderate candidate Pete Buttigieg abandoned Sunday 1 st  March the nomination contest, increasing the chances of Joe Biden over the favorite Bernie Sanders, to the left.

The new shock of his withdrawal fell two days before the giant primary of “Super Tuesday”, when 15 states and territory will vote to choose a third of the national delegates who will officially nominate the party candidate who will face Donald Trump on November 3. It also intervenes in the aftermath of the South Carolina primary largely¬† , former vice-president of Barack Obama, who has since benefited from a tenfold dynamic.

“Our goal has always been to help bring the Americans together to beat Donald Trump,” said Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay candidate in the White House race.

He had no choice but to step down and “help bring the party together,” he said in an emotional speech in his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, whose he was mayor until January.


Surprise winner in Iowa

Aged 38, he had positioned himself as a moderate, warning against the excesses of the left wing of the party, embodied by Bernie Sanders. He won it by a hair in front of him in Iowa and came second in New Hampshire. An excellent performance for this stranger to the general public until recently.

His decision comes after a severe defeat in South Carolina (fourth, with 8.2% of the vote), which highlighted his great difficulty in mobilizing within the black electorate, essential for a democrat to win the House -Blanche.

Like some observers, Donald Trump predicted on Twitter that Joe Biden would be the big beneficiary of Pete Buttigieg’s departure.


Only six candidates left

After his victory in South Carolina, Joe Biden, 77, more than ever posed Sunday as an alternative to Bernie Sanders, 78, questioning the ability of his Democratic rival to rally.

After disappointing in the first three elections (Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada), the former vice-president finally managed to stop the bleeding on Saturday, collecting almost half of the votes cast (48.4%), more than double the senator from Vermont (19.9%), second. The best way to relaunch your campaign before “Super Tuesday” on March 3. On that day, more than a third of the delegates (around 34%) who will choose the party’s candidate at the Democratic convention in mid-July will be chosen.

Joe Biden was the super favorite among the Democrats for a long time before being overtaken by Bernie Sanders. After the abandonment of Pete Buttigieg, preceded by the withdrawal of Tom Steyer, there are only six left for the Democratic nomination, including three men approaching 80 years.

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