Coronavirus: Putin’s demonstrative aid to Italy, “from Russia with love”

Coronavirus: Putin’s demonstrative aid to Italy, “from Russia with love”

Advertising operation? Military operation? Or rivalry with the Chinese enemy brothers? The presence on the Italian peninsula of Russian military doctors supervised by four high-ranking officers is worrying.


The “gift” of Vladimir Putin made more than one Italian jump. After the announcement of Russian aid to Italy to fight the epidemic, some fantasized about an authentic “military operation in uniform”. With as proof the photo published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense. It shows four high ranking Russian officers studying a map of the peninsula‚Ķ

They arrived Sunday in nine Ilyushin planes at the Pratica di Mare military airport near Rome. On Tuesday March 24, they were transferred to 15 military trucks in Bergamo, six hundred kilometers from Rome, the capital of coronavirus infection. Under General Kikok’s orders, they carried, in addition to resuscitators and immunologists, huge boxes containing 600 pulmonary ventilators and tons of masks. On these boxes, we read in Russian, Italian and English: “From Russia with love” . An ally of Moscow, Cuba also dispatched 52 doctors and nurses from Havana, who landed on March 22 with a giant portrait of Fidel Castro.

The Russian humanitarian intervention was developed during a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Giuseppe Conte. The President of the Italian Council then informed his Minister of Defense and that of Foreign Affairs, who did not budge. Military operation? Advertising operation? Episode of the war for world hegemony? Everything is possible. The advertising operation would aim to divert the attention of the Russians from the spread of Covid-19 in their country. And to mobilize them for the April 22 consultation, which was to give Putin the opportunity to remain in power after 2024. The consultation was finally postponed to better days.

For some, this geopolitical operation would be part of the fierce competition between Chinese and Russians. It would allow the latter to compensate for the presence for more than a month on Italian soil, and especially in Lombardy, of a team of Chinese experts in coronavirus, who give their advice, are photographed on the ground as if they had conquered the peninsula.

The European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borell, pointed out that ”¬† there is a struggle for influence and the policy of generosity”. “Sputnik Italy”, a Kremlin media outlet, wrote: “Russia is here. What about the European Union? “

And what is Trump waiting for? He has not moved a finger since the start of the epidemic, merely repatriating in early February all the American students present in Italy, especially the hundreds who stay in Rome to attend the courses of the famous John Cabot University.

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